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Mr. Chat explaining rubber harvesting - Slow Life Cycling Bicycle Tour, Koh Chang, Thailand
Pajamas Boutique Hotel & Hostel - Slow Life Cycling Bicycle Tour, Koh Chang, Thailand

The tour guide – How I got into doing the Koh Chang Bicycle Tour

Right after I graduated from University, I’ve had the chance to work at a small resort here on Koh Chang for a year. I really enjoyed the work and twelve months later I moved back to Bangkok and took a Tour Guide Class. During that time, I got so much inspiration and something began to dawn on me: I wanted to build a small hostel on Koh Chang.

I started working at one of the coolest hostels in Bangkok in order to learn how to operate such a business and to gain more experience. 

Besides the experience and knowledge I’ve gained, I met so many nice and great people. And I’ve also had the chance to set up a tour desk at that hostel – which – opened up the world of cycling to me. 

I’ve contacted a lot of tour operators and did a lot of trips with them in order to learn which ones are the best; how to do it and how not to. And I fell in love with cycling tours. 

At some point it was time to move on and follow my dream: to build my own hostel and so I eventually moved back to Koh Chang. Riding my bicycle was already a big part of my life – both for leisure and fitness and I’ve discovered the whole island on my bike and fell in love with the island, the culture, the fascinating nature along the way.

So while I was building my own hostel, I still had some time on my hands and thought: why not share this unique experience with others? This idea turned into Slow Life Cycling, my very own Koh Chang Bicycle Tour.

I opened my hostel called Pajamas Boutique Hostel & Hostel in 2014 and I still love to do the bicycle tour and people from around the world seem to like it too. 

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